Crazy Fans Of GOT: A Guy Travels from Mysuru to Bengaluru To Avoid Game Of Thrones Spoilers

GOT spoilers

Game of Thrones, American fantasy-drama which is popular worldwide, Game of Thrones Season 8 has just dropped on the streaming platforms. The first episode of the Season 8 titled as Beginning of the End released on 14th April 2019. Indians who are insanely crazy for the show in the Asian continent are watching the show now. With the final season released yesterday, fans recall crazy things they’ve done for the show.

The Crazy things GOT fans do for the show

For someone whose job involves staying glued to the latest trends. Jeanne Rozario, updating her client’s online presence, Rozario knows this will be difficult but is determined to stick to her plan.

The 22-year-old writer at a digital agency is terrified of coming across spoilers from the latest season of Game Of Thrones (GoT). “It’s instinctive for me to start my day by checking Facebook or Instagram. But in the previous seasons, a major character’s death was ‘spoiled’ for me and I don’t want that to happen again,” she says.

game of thrones

According to internal data by Instagram, Bengaluru ranks third, after Mumbai and Delhi, in the list of Indian cities most excited about the show. As the first episode of the show’s finale releases yesterday, CE spoke to some GoT fans from the city about the crazy things they’ve done for the show.

Traveled 145.5km every weekend to watch GOT

Aakarsh Tandon, who traveled 145.5km every weekend, just to maintain the tradition of watching the show with his friends. When Aakarsh was pursuing his undergrad in Bengaluru, he became friends with fellow fans of the show. The group would discuss every detail of the show after watching it together. “I went back to Mysuru when I finished my undergrad in 2016. But to keep up with the tradition, I’d go to Bengaluru over the weekends and watch the new episode with my friends. There was a quote in season five, which went, ‘Gather the elders and let’s talk’. We modified this to ‘Gather the elders and let’s watch’,” he recalls.

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Rising early For the show

Like Rozario, Jay Sanghvi too tried his best to avoid spoilers. The college began at 8.30am but there was always the risk of someone having an intense discussion about the latest happenings. Sanghvi then took to waking up at the crack of dawn to catch the latest episode before he went to college. “I would spoil things for my friends, just for kicks. Soon, everyone started waking up early and we’d all turn up in college having already caught up with the episode. We would bunk class to discuss the episode in detail over chai,” he shares with TNIE

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Rathnaraj Jain fell sick with a bad bout of the flu and finally started the show. “I had initially taken three days to recover but once I started the show, there was no going back. I extended my leave by three more days and finished the series,” he says, adding that sometimes, he watched the show for 12 hours a day.

Reading Fan-Fiction

Kundan Sethi would often spend the one year between seasons reading fan-fiction spin-offs or theories about the show. “It may not come true but it’s still interesting to see the many directions the show could take,” he explains. Sethi’s love for the show took some time to take off, with him watching the first episode of season one multiple time before he ‘hooked’.

“I had my preparatory exams going on that time but I spent more time watching the show than studying,” he says. Since 2014, Sethi has gone on to influence 12 more friends into becoming fans of the show and has watched every episode of the show at least three times. “Every time a new season is coming out, I start a marathon binge-watching session and watch every episode leading up to the newest one. I catch so many things I missed out before,” he adds.

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Game Of Thrones Disorder

Aakarsh followed a similar routine and over the past three weeks, he finished watching all seasons again, clocking in about three hours daily after work. He can now recall names of almost all characters, minor ones included, and can even remember dialogues verbatim. “Some might call this a disorder but for me, it’s just my passion. I’m excited about the final season but it also feels like the end of an era since the show has been such a big part of my life these past years,” he says.

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If you don’t mind watching the show a day late and with a few cuts you can watch it for free on April 16, 2019, at 10:30 pm on Star World, Star World HD, and Star World Premiere HD. About the latest show, let us tell you that the final season has only six episodes and the length of each episode is as follows – Episode1: 54 minutes. Episode2:58 minutes. Episode3: 60 minutes. Episode4: 78 minutes. Episode5: 80 minutes. Episode6: 80 minutes.