COVID-19: Shantala Nagar In Bengaluru Takes A Worst-Hit With 62 Cases In 24 Hours

COVID-19 cases have taken a sudden surge in the city, with Bengaluru almost touching the 1000-mark concerning the cases reported in a single day. With Friday, Bengaluru also overtook Kolkata in total active COVID-19 cases.

6297 active cases in Bengaluru

On Friday, Bengaluru reported 994 cases of the Coronavirus, thereby leading to a total of 7713 cases. Of this, as many as 6297 are active in the city. The COVID positivity rate has also increased in recent days. While on May 31st, the rate was 1.17 %, it has now reached an average of 5.94%. In fact, considering the last ten days alone, the rate is a whopping 11.94%.


As per the latest reports, South & West Bengaluru are the worst affected regions in the city. On Friday, South Bengaluru accounted for 27% of the cases while West Bengaluru contributed 24%.

Bengaluru Sunday curfew
Courtesy: One India

Shantala Nagar reports 62 cases in 24 hours

On Friday, it was reported that the Shantala Nagar was the worst-hit ward in the state capital. 62 cases were reported in this ward, in just 24 hours. Chamaraj Pet, Gandhi Nagar, and RR Nagar were the other regions that also reported bulk cases on Friday.

It is high time that the state government takes strict action in curbing the further outbreak of the virus. The officials have reiterated that the plan for a lockdown is not under discussion but it needs to be seen as to how long they would maintain the stance. On the hindside, there are also reports that a ‘decision’ is due after the SSLC exam concludes.


Source: Bangalore Mirror