COVID-19: 45 New Cases And 5 Deaths Reported In China

source: deccanherald

As per China’s National Health Commission’s report on Sunday, 45 new coronavirus cases have been detected in the country, while 5 people have died of the outbreak.

The epicenter of the Virus

Originated in the Wuhan City of China, coronavirus has spread to around 190 countries and has led to approximately 30000 deaths across the globe.


Ever since China was locked down in January, the number of cases has drastically reduced. China cancelled the visas of foreigners, stopped international flights from landing in the country and imposed stringent quarantine procedures to help curb the virus. However, the NHC’s latest report means that the chain has still not been disturbed.

5 deaths have been reported in the statement of China’s National Health Commission (NHC)

3300 deaths in China so far

Including the 5 deaths on Sunday, the total casualties of the COVID-19 outbreak in China have reached 3300. While 81439 were affected by the virus, as many as 75448 have already recovered from the infection. 2691 patients are still undergoing treatment at the hospital.

The latest 5 casualties have been reported from the province of Hubei, which is the epicenter of the outbreak.


The USA Leads the list of infected patients

With the number crossing 100000 a couple of days ago, the United States of America is the worst-hit country on the planet. On the other hand, Italy has the highest number of deaths at 9134 followed by Spain, where 5138 people have died.

Situation in India

PM Narendra Modi announced a 21-day lock-down on March 24th which means until April 15th, the normal functioning of the country would be affected.