5 Simple Tech Upgrades to Boost Your Door Security


Burglars keep changing tactics in an attempt to find the most comfortable way into our homes. Home security begins with your front, back, and patio doors. The door is the easiest way for intruders to enter your home. One doesn’t have to crouch, climb, or break anything because he/ she can find the hidden key, pick a lock or kick the door open.

Thanks to technology, there are now simple, but sure-fire ways to upgrade your doors. From easy fittings to sophisticated merchandise, you cannot miss something that will drastically change how you view your entry-way. That tinge of fear that you sometimes feel will fade due to the secure experience in your home.

Worth-while Door Enhancements

  1. The Smart Locks

By visiting physical/ online stores, you will find easy-to-use smart locks that come at friendly prices. Purchasing and installing such locks means you never have to worry about lock picks. An example of a proper lock is the Kevo Smart Lock. It has features like vicinity detection and unlimited guest eKeys. Anyone allowed to enter your home can access it with a simple tap on the device.

  1. Bolster the Door Frame

There are specially-made bars that provide extra security against home break-ins. Some intruders are fond of forcing off the door frame since many doors lack proper and secure bolting. You can fit an exclusive bar in your door frame and make the hinges and the locking-points studier. Customized bars are available online and in home security stores.

  1. The Light Sensor

It is an extra tech fitting, especially for people with two entry doors—an outer and inner door. Even so, a light source with a motion sensor is an excellent addition to any entry-way. A light bulb will automatically switch on when someone gets close to your door. It scares away guys who wait for the darkness to try and access your house.

  1. A Security System

Available in the market are software that can upgrade your doors’ security, while also bolstering the entire burglar defence capabilities of your home. You can scare anyone who bypasses any locked door with security software. There are systems made to alert authorities and sound an alarm the moment someone breaks into your house. Visit a reliable security company to select a system that will fit your budget and lifestyle.

  1. The Door Bell Camera

Cameras are heaven-sent for they enable one to record real-time events. There are many places you can install cameras in a home, but you should first install one in every access way. A doorbell camera alerts a home-owner by sending a real-time video to his/ her phone. With such a camera, you will recognize burglars scouting for an easy target early enough. You will also curb package stealing that is on the rise in many neighbourhoods around the world.

Technology has enabled man to do many things. In the security world, it has brought about changes you ought to consider if you want to protect your family/ belongings. With simple tech, you can now make door improvements that shield you from adverse situations.




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