How to Choose a Radar Security System

Radar security systems are bringing the technology of the military to the more common day-to-day civilian lifestyle. This makes it possible for everyone to have the same security options available to them that are affordable for their home or business. With a radar security system the customer can be confident in knowing they have round the clock protection and their coverage is capable of withstanding all weather conditions.
What does Radar Security offer?

A radar security system offers the following features to customers:

  • A low weight and low power consumption
  • PoE connections
  • There are no moving parts
  • There is a wide coverage in azimuth and elevated areas
  • Installation is easy
  • An advanced reliability
  • The radar system has a built-in tracking device which enables the solar battery and wireless installation

Radar security systems offer a complete 360 degree range of protection which is the perfect answer to the security of such places as airports, seaports, project sites that involve oil and gas, power plants, data centers, solar farms, substations, correctional facilities, parking lots, and agricultural farms, just to name a few.  

The radar security systems that are available thru Security Smart Systems have an efficient short, medium, and long range of radar to afford customer the ultimate in security protection.

Radar Security Solutions

With a complete security management system, the customer can be guaranteed they are receiving a security system that is standalone as well as being capable of integration with other third party systems. There is also an advanced system of algorithms which aid in early detection of any intruders; with the capability of detecting a variety of scenarios and providing very few false reports of intruders.

With a high technology radar security system you can be assured you will be able to track and detect any intruders even during the most adverse weather or lighting situations.

Radar security


What are Radar Security Systems?

Radar security is a system that helps to track where people or objects that might be missing can be located. The radar system works by using radio waves to detect the range, altitude, direction, and speed of an object that is being tracked.  These radar security systems have been capable of locating aircraft, ships, motorized vehicles, and even people.

The way the radar security system works is by the radar dish or antenna transmitting radio waves which pulse and bounce off objects in their path. That object then gives back a small part of the wave’s energy which is usually found in the same area as the transmitter.  

There are radar options available to work on land and in the water, all dependent upon the range of detection one is requiring. Depending on what range of detection you are seeking, a radar security system is a great cost-effective way to secure a large area without having to use a lot of cameras or have other devices for detection put in place. All you need is to have a radar security system in place and your security questions are solved.