What Do We Provide For You?

We are giving you data inspection software that erases all junk data from your email. We designed TheChecker software that scanned your email perfectly. This software secures your conversation and you easily verify your email without any privacy issue.  We especially start this software for businessmen.

Email uses

Email is used almost in every field of your life. Even you are a student, a businessman or businesswomen. Many people want to save his/her special items, special messages or a special project somewhere so, for that purpose email is the option.


The email server secures your all information and we are 100% sure that your information will never be leaked at this platform. The email checker verifies your email that your email is real or not. The email checker mentions all the hacked information of your email like if your email is hacked or not.

How you check your email verification

When you decide that yes now you want to verify your email so then you need to visit the site again and after that, you can write your email to the given block. You have tried to don’t do any spelling error in the email address.

If you write wrong email address so, it will be represented as a fake account or might be shown as a hacked email id. So always be aware of these types of mistakes that will prove bad for you.


Online use from your mobile

  1. There is no restriction that you can use the email checker through any system. You can also use it on your mobile phones
  2. There are 1000 of users that use this email verification for some purposes.
  3. There are many types of verification servers are available.
  4. These are very easy to use
  5. You can easily check your email

Use it easily

The email checker is very to use, so flexible, so easy. When you wrote your email and then click on the ok button for the verification then you receive an email from the mail server that connects your email to the SMTP directly for getting your information.

Save from different risks

You can verify your email and then you will safe from a different type of risk. The people faced many problems. You can receive so many abusive contents on your email. But the verification service will give you every possible solution for your problems.

You can save from much risky content. You can set any notification or set an alarm if you receive any type of fake mail that makes you target. You can maintain your email beautifully. You can also schedule the reminder tool for the safety of email. You can also use other tools of the software.


How many emails you checked

You can check at least 5 emails in a day. After 24 hours you can check again 5 emails. This email verification service is free for all users. You can use it freely. One more important thing is we always take care of your privacy. So keep in touch for the betterment of your email.