Bomb Scare Leads To Panic In Bengaluru Railway Station

bangalore railway station

Panic spread across the KSR Railway Station in Bengaluru after a railway official came across a grenade on the trolley path lying between the platform no. 1 tracks.  The metal object looked almost similar to the order casing of a grenade. Immediately the railway officials called the bomb disposal squad who after inspection declared that the object was a non-explosive.

Officials Yet To Identify The Object

The Additional Director General of Police (Railways), Alok Mohan said that a Railways employee discovered this object in the morning around 8.30 am outside the Patna-bound Sanghamitra Express. He added, “We don’t know yet for certainty what this object is. The CCTV cameras on the train are not functional, and we will investigate what the object is and how it has come there.”


Immediately after the bomb-like object was found on the premises, the senior Railway Officers including Divisional Railway Manager led by the Divisional Security Commissioner came to the railway station. Except for trains on Platform no. 1 and 2 the movement of other trains were not disrupted in any way.

Everything has resorted to normalcy after thorough checking by the security officials.

Railway Workforce On Alert

The Railways officers have handed over the grenade to the bomb disposal squad and have put the railway workforce on alert. The officials are conducting intensive checks at the platforms, entrance, train coaches, and parcel office. According to top officials, the suspicious bomb was a sort of dummy grenade without any explosive charges within.   


The casing has already been perforated to ensure that it should not be used as an explosive. Reports say that the grenade casing was developed in Kolkata. Karnataka’s Home Minister MB Patil has already ordered an investigation into this matter.  

“It was a 600-gram dummy grenade-like material that was found. There was no explosive (gunpowder) in the grenade. Immediately, our officials rushed to the spot and ascertained that it wasn’t a live grenade. Vigilance has been stepped up in all railway stations and bus stands. There’s no need to panic,” Patil said.