BJP’s Parvesh Verma Labels Rahul and Sonia Gandhi A ‘Virus’; Asks Them For Quarantine Till COVID Ends

A man known for his controversial remarks, BJP MP Parvesh Verma has stirred yet another controversy by making a few objectionable comments against Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and his mother Sonia Gandhi.

Labels the Mother-Son duo as a ‘Virus’

Parvesh Verma was quoted saying to ANI:“Ever since the lockdown has been announced, people of this country are supporting our Prime Minister and also sitting at their homes for the past two months despite facing loss in business and other things. It’s an emergency but there’s a family that governed for 50 years is creating a panic-like situation in the country.


He added: “They are leading people astray and creating fear in their mind. So, I said that those three should be kept in quarantine until coronavirus pandemic ends.

Congress behind BJP ever since the onset of COVID-19 crisis

The major reason why Parvesh Verma has accused Rahul and Sonia as a ‘virus’ is because the duo has been increasing the panic-like situation in the country with their constant comments on the BJP government’s handling of the situation.

In March, Sonia Gandhi had said that although a nationwide lockdown was necessary, the BJP government was not prepared and did not have a strategy for the situation. Last week, Sonia Gandhi held a video-conference with the 22 opposition parties and re-iterated that the government is uncertain about the situation.


Rahul Gandhi has not been far behind as the former president of the Congress party has been attacking Modi and co. for their underwhelming efforts in executing ‘testing’ across the country. Rahul has also made many statements about the migrant-workers’ issue in the country.

Source: Times of India