Bengaluru Tops The List Of Indian Cities In Demand For Drivers, Leaving Behind Mumbai, Delhi & Chennai

drivers in bangalore

Namma Bengaluru has topped to have maximum job requirements for drivers. Major cities like Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai also fall in this category and amongst them, Bengaluru takes the lead of 15% of the total job posting in the country according to the data by job site Indeed.

Bengaluru tops in the job requirements for drivers

According to the reports, Bengaluru has 15% of driver jobs followed by Mumbai 10% and Chennai, New Delhi, Pune 7% each. Kolkata is at the base of this list with only 2% lower than Coimbatore and Mohali. The report also stated about the growth of the driver role which has almost doubled in the last five years.


source: quora

Indeed India’s managing director Sashi Kumar said “Indian startups are flourishing and creating a host of jobs in their own right. Be it food delivery, last-mile product delivery, logistics, or passenger transport, given the nature of the services many of these startups provide, they are driving demand for driver roles, and thus adding jobs to the economy. It is interesting to see that these roles are not just concentrated on the metros, rather they are seeing job seekers’ interest from smaller cities as well.”

Startups like cab services take the lead

The share of job searches during this equal period has grown by close to 500%. Various startups also provide food and product delivery, logistics, and transportation which also included in this category. Cab services have a maximum percentage for such opportunity ratio in the city.

source: newindianexpress

Each year thousands of migrants from the state come to the city in search of livelihood. Having to support themselves and their family back home they are desperate to find some job or the other. With a low level of educations or opportunities rather, many of them have started working as a driver. Startups like OLA, UBER, Meru cabs and other taxi services have given some migrants opportunity to earn their living in this silicon city. According to a report, OLA alone employes 1.60 lakh drivers in the city with up to 1 lakh cars registered. On the other hand, UBER has a half ratio as compared to OLA.