Bengaluru Techie Walks 36 Days With Pet Bull All The Way To Dharmasthala

A young man traveled from Bengaluru to Dharmasthala in Karnataka, working on his laptop. He walked 36 Days with his Bull to hand him over to Lord Manjunatha.

Bengaluru to Dharmasthala with a pet Bull

Shriyamsha K D (32), a native of Horanadu in the Chikkamagaluru district works as a techie in Bengaluru. He has always been fond of cattle and dreamt of owning a Gir breed cow someday. After extensive research and planning, he bought a 5-year-old cow with its calf that was transported all the way from Gujarat by train to Bengaluru.


“I paid 1 lakh 9 thousand for the cow and the calf came along. They landed in Doddaballapur and I picked them up from there. I live in a rented house in Bengaluru with my wife. There is an empty site next to my house and I contacted the owner of that site and requested him to give that place on rent. He agreed and my dream of owning a cow came true.”

According to News 18, Bheeshma was a 4-day-old calf when he came to Bengaluru with his mother Parvathy in 2020. A happy Shriyamsha had already prayed to Lord Manjunatha of Dharmasthala that he would offer the first calf of the cow to the Lord. So when Bheeshma turned two, he set on a journey of 300-plus kilometers to the temple on foot.

The journey

Shriyamsha had a clear plan before starting his journey. He had one backpack with a laptop, a charger, and one extra pair of clothes. He decided to ditch the regular road that travelers use to reach Dharmasthala from Bengaluru. He also went on long walks with Bheeshma around his house so that both get used to long walks.


“I had to plan this unconventional route for Bheeshma’s sake. I can manage somehow, but he should get proper food and shelter. So I made sure we passed through villages rather than highways. That way Bheeshma will get fresh grass and even I can get good power and internet connection-I didn’t take leave from the office for this, I continued working from home all the way,” said Shriyamsha.

The duo began their journey on a Sunday, October 2. They walked through Bannerghatta, Kanakapura road, Bidadi, Doddaladamara, Tippagondanahalli, Magadi Road, Huliyurdurga, Nagamangala, Kambadahalli, Sravanabelagola, Channarayapatna, Hassan, Belur, Mudigere, Kottigehara, Charmadi and reached Dharmasthala on November 6. So a total of 36 days of the trip on foot and the duo reached their destination.

“I was mentally prepared to ask for food if need be. But thankfully I didn’t face such a situation at all. People have been very sympathetic. Both Bheeshma and I received food and shelter without any issues. I visited farmers’ fields on the way and asked them if Bheeshma can graze and they happily agreed. They even shared their food with me,” said Shriyamsha.


“Some people even invited us to their homes and gave us food and space. We generally rested on school grounds, village panchayat premises, or front yards of shops and homes. None troubled us at all, in fact when we rested in one village, the people of that village would call someone from our next destination and put a word of faith. And the other party would wait and welcome us happily. It is a very humble gesture and I am grateful,” he adds.

Bheeshma and he would begin their walk by 4 in the morning and stop in a village where they reach post 8. There they both would have food. Bheeshma would rest while Shriyamsha would log in for work at 9 by his side.

On the night of November 6, the duo arrived at Dharmasthala, their destination. They rested that day and went to the temple the next morning. Sri Veerendra Heggade, the administrator (Dharmadhikari) of Sri Manjunatha temple came forward to welcome the duo after learning about their trip. It was a surprise to Shriyamsha as well. Then he officially handed over Bheeshma to the temple.


“I was okay the first day because I knew I had to do this. It was a new place for Bheeshma, so he was getting used to it. For a week I stayed in Dharmasthala and visited him daily at Gau Shaala (Cow-shed). On the second day, I could see he was crying, tears were rolling out of his eyes when he saw me. It was an emotional moment for both of us. But I am happy because I know for sure that he will be looked after well there. So after a week I bid goodbye to my boy and returned,” Shriyamsha said.