Bengaluru: This Techie Kills His ‘Crying Daughter’ As He Didn’t Have Money To Feed Her

A techie from Bengaluru killed his two-year-old daughter and claimed that he did not have money to feed his daughter. A 45-year-old man named Rahul Parmar who belongs to Gujarat allegedly tried to end his life after killing his daughter.

Techie Kills 2-Year-Old Daughter 

He bought some biscuits and chocolates for his two-and-a-half-year-old daughter after driving out of Bengaluru. He even played with her in the rear seat. But thoughts of harassment by lenders stopped him from returning home and he did the unthinkable – killing the little girl before trying to end his life, reported TOI.


The body of the child was found in the lake of Kendatti village of Kolar taluk on Saturday night. Besides, a blue car was also found on the bank of the lake, the police added.


Rahul Paramar, 45, a debt-ridden techie who survived the suicide attempt, told police. “She started crying and I didn’t have any money left with me. A worse situation awaited me if I returned home. I just hugged her tight and killed her. My helplessness to buy her food made me take the decision. I jumped into the lake with her to kill myself, but didn’t drown,” he claimed.

Rahul was arrested by Kolar police on charges of killing his daughter Jiya and dumping her body in a lake near Kendatti on the Bengaluru-Kolar highway. He was on Friday taken by police for a spot mahazar as part of the crime-reconstruction procedure.


The unthinkable crime

The police said Rahul was disturbed while trying to explain how it all unfolded. “He took some time to get down from the vehicle. In the beginning, he cried inconsolably. But he gained control of himself and started narrating his version. By then, he saw his father Vinod Paramar, and his wife Bhavya standing on the lake bed and again broke down. Rahul said he regrets killing his daughter, but had no choice,” sources said.

Both Rahul and Jiya had gone missing on November 15 after he took her out on the pretext of going to school. His wife Bhavya filed a missing complaint with Bagalur police when they both did not return home. The next morning, Jiya’s body surfaced in the lake and police suspected Rahul too may have died by suicide.

A techie from Gujarat settled in Bengaluru, Rahul lost his job, suffered financial losses in the Bitcoin business, and faced a police inquiry for filing a false robbery case. Rahul had sold his gold and told his wife that he was robbed of the ornaments. He was reportedly attached to his daughter and decided to end her life and kill himself fearing the anger of those he had borrowed money from.