“Not the Daiva but Rishab must take this man’s Permission first”: Daiva Narthaka’s interesting claim

A new story is coming in after Panjurli Daiva granted permission for Kantara’s sequel. The prime ‘Daiva Narthaka’ Umesh Pambada has revealed a shocking detail about what really happened when Rishab Shetty met the Demi-God to ask permission.

Daiva Narthaka’s claim

Umesh Pambada, senior ‘Daiva Narthaka’, claims that while he is possessed by lord Panjurli he remembers nothing that has happened around him. It’s only when other people tell him, he knows what had taken place.


Speaking about what really happened while Rishab Shetty asked for permission for Kantara 2. Umesh claims that Daiva asked Rishab to go see Dr. Veerendra Heggade first in Dharmasthala and seek his permission.

“I don’t know what all happened while Rishab was here. It’s only the Daiva that knows and what it said. After the Kola, some people told me that the Daiva asked Rishab to seek Veerendra Heggade’s permission first before going for Kantara 2,” Umesh Pambada told Public TV.

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Lord Manjunatha of Dharmasthala

“The Daiva also asked Rishab to offer poojas to lord Manjunatha of Dharmasthala and give a frequent visit to the temple while shooting,” Umesh adds.

Speaking further about what Panjurli said to Rishab Shetty, the Daiva Narthaka reveals, “Most importantly the Daiva told Rishab to be ‘100 times’ cautious before going for the sequel. And he should follow all the rituals and rules before shooting the cinema.”

Rishab Shetty along with Vijay Kirgandur attended a Bhoota Kola event on the outskirts of Mangaluru. The Kola was held in Kadri Manjunatheshwara Temple in the presence of Chief Priest Krishna Adiga.