Bengaluru Techie Gets Charged Rs 4,300 for 18 Kilometre Auto Ride – Holy Shit!

mindless auto fare

Riding in an auto is the most expensive thing we do in a city. Auto drivers sometimes charge us as if they have given a ride in a BMW car. On a bizarre incident, a Bengaluru techie is now victim to this fresh attack. Believe it or not, after a certain distance ride, the man was charged rupees 4,300 for an auto fare.

Fresh victim for a mindless auto fare

The man happens to be a techie from Bengaluru, was in a visit to Pune. The engineer was in the place for a job and he has dropped off a bus at Katraj at around 5 in the morning on September 18. He wanted to go Yerawada in Pune which was away from the city. The distance between the two destinations is approximately 14.5km and takes about 47 minutes to reach.

source: newindiaexpress

The man tried to book a cab to reach his destination. But unfortunately he couldn’t book one and he decided to take an autorickshaw. The rickshaw fellow agreed to drop him to his location without telling him the actual cost of the ride.

The man’s office had booked a hotel for him near the Yerawada police station which was also close to his office. After several minutes he reached his location and was in shock as if a bombshell was dropped on him.

Reckless demand by the auto driver

After reaching the destination, the driver demanded a whooping 4,300 rupees from him as it was the amount that the meter display. The man then protested against the auto driver for charging him a whole lot of money which was not worth for an 18 km ride. The rickshaw fellow then revealed that he had to pay Rs 600 to enter and leave the city, and so the rest is the actual amount of the ride.

source: justdial

Finally, the man ended up paying the expense, but later filed a complaint at the police station. “They asked me to pay Rs 4,300. When I protested, they told me they paid Rs 600 to enter the city and will have to pay Rs 600 to leave the city; the rest was the actual fare,” the techie said.

He filed an FIR, in which he stated that while one person was driving the auto, another man seemed to be passed out in the passenger seat. “One man drove the autorickshaw, while another on the passenger seat, who was the driver, seemed to be drunk. The driver asked his friend to drive to avoid police,” the techie said.




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