Bengaluru Police stations To Get Design Touch Making It More Comforting In Their Appearance 

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Police Stations in Bengaluru to get an Art like design touch. Over 100 police stations in the city to be more comforting in their appearance by incorporating elements of creativity. The head of the police Bhaskar Rao announced this plan in an art fest organized in the city.

Bengaluru Police Station to go design touch

Speaking at an event organized by the Institute of Indian Interior Designers at Rangoli Metro Art Centre, MG Road on Sunday, Police commissioner Bhaskar Rao had said, “Today, people think ten times before going to a police station. We are looking at ways to make them more soothing by adding elements of design.”

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According to him, the police station is visited by 1000 people every day and he wants to bring changes in the mind of those people through these designs. Rao also informed that the authority is looking to use design elements in traffic barricades and umbrellas, which are mainly used by police personnel. These plans will bring a different look to the police department by the overlookers, claims the commissioner.

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The following Art festival witnessed more than 100 artists from Chennai, Hyderabad, and parts of Kerala and Karnataka. The participants displayed some of the beautiful art installations and work at the gallery.

Rao’s Unique ideas

Rao believes that Art and Heritage are the sole belongingness of Bengaluru. The city lastly adopted a design element back in 1860 for its infrastructure. He said, “We dug deep into the archives to understand the history of the police commissioner’s office building. We learned that it was built in 1860 and once even Mark Cubbon worked out of the place.”

A few weeks ago he had urged his police department to give importance to the city’s cycling community. He had also encouraged members of the police force to take up cycling for health and relaxation benefits.

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“My connection with cycling began in my teenage years. It started when I was studying in Patna. When I came to Bengaluru, I did a discover Karnataka tour through the youth hostel on my single speed bicycle during the monsoons. It was a great experience. My cycling took a backseat from then on, until I joined the police force. I currently own two bicycles, one is a hi-tech Italian model, while the other is an adventure bicycle, which I use for riding in the city and off-roading,” said Rao.



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