Bengaluru Not Heading For A Seal-Down As Of Now: BCP Commissioner Bhaskar Rao

source: thenewsminute

Contrary to the rumors that Bengaluru will be sealed-down after the lockdown period ends on April 14th, Bengaluru City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao has come out and said that there is nothing like that as of now. 

A Break to the Rumor-Mongers

As PM Modi’s nation-wide lockdown is gearing up for an end, several news agencies have started spreading rumors regarding a possible ‘seal-down’, a step that will not allow citizens to step outside their homes. Whatsapp forwards yet again have played a crucial role in this activity.


Putting rest to all of those, the Bengaluru City Police Commissioner has come out with a statement denying any possibility of seal-down as of now.

Bhaskar Rao’s all-important Tweet

Earlier today, the IPS officer tweeted:

Rumors and fake news are floating around of a Seal Down in Bangalore City and creating panic. Dearest Citizens, there is nothing like that as of now. Please stay calm.


This news is a relief to the citizens, who had yet again triggered the panic-buying instincts within them.

Bhaskar Rao
Courtesy: Citizen Matters

Only two wards to be sealed down: BBMP

BBMP Commissioner also stepped in and said that the city is not heading for a seal-down. BH Anil Kumar said:

Dear citizens, I appeal to all of you not to panic & go out to buy essentials. Seal down orders are only in Ward 134 Bapuji Nagar & Ward 135 Padarayanapura due to fresh cases & to contain the spread of #Covid19. Urge TV news channels to report facts & not speculate.”