Bengaluru: A 500-Meter Road In Junnasandra Connecting Wipro Campus Is Really Irking The Commuters

source: twitter

If you want to test your SUV cars in Bengaluru, come to Junnasandra in Bellandur which will give you one hell of an experience. Described as a dirt track, its a 500-meter road that connects the Wipro campus in Sarjapur. The particular road is punctuated with 10 asphalted patches which are enough to ruin you and your vehicle.

500-meter Junnasandra road

A report says that the road gets muddy even if there is a drizzle. The 500-meter road is filled with knee-deep water during rain. Moreover, there are no street lights in the region to avoid potholes in the dark.

Jayaraj Selvan, a resident said, “During the day, we can at least see the road, but it’s scary at night. With no lights and knee-deep water, many people have fallen into potholes and injured themselves.”

source: twitter

Varun J, an entreprenur is ashamed to get his investors to use these roads. “Why does the government not look into this because it is they who will benefit from our business.”

Sharan Tripathi, an IT employee and resident of Bellandur said, “If BBMP can levy penalties on property tax defaulters, why does the government not penalize the civic agency? Is it not responsible for laying roads.”

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