Bengaluru: 97% Of Corona Patients Put On Ventilator Have Died Here

As per a shocking stat, as many as 97% of the COVID-19 patients who have been put on the ventilator at the Victoria Hospital have succumbed to the virus. Considering that the Victoria Hospital is the leading center for COVID-19 treatment in the state, the statistic is actually scary.

89 patients have died so far

As per the report, out of the 1500 patients who were admitted at the hospital, 92 of them were required to be given ventilator support. Out of this, 89 have died. With 50, Victoria Hospital has the maximum number of ventilators in the city.


An expert in the matter said: “A death rate of almost 97% for patients on advanced respiratory support suggests something is going wrong in intensive care. Even in Italy at the peak of the Covid-19 incidence, the death rate of people on mechanical ventilation was around 65%.

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Most were admitted with complications

Dr. Smitha Segu, one of the officers at the Victoria Hospital said that most of these patients were admitted to the hospital with complications and after other hospitals failed to treat them. As per her statement, 30% of the fatalities were above 60. She said: “We have seen 206 admissions and 91 deaths in ICU (44% of the total) as of July 15. As many as 103 (50%) have been discharged from ICU.

She added: “These deaths are occurring due to very late referrals. Among patients who have come on time very few have gone into ICU. They come in a totally bad state and 39 patients have been lost within 24 hours of arrival.” 


Source: The Indian Express