Avatar 2 Banned In 400 Theatres In Kerala, The Reason Is Bizarre

James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way Of Water is certainly the most awaited film globally. However, even before it hits theatres, there’s an air of negativity around the film in India. It is now learned that the makers are demanding too much money to sell theatrical rights. Now, the report comes in that the film is being banned in Kerala.

Kerala theatre owners ban Avatar 2

A few days ago there was news that 100-150 crores were quoted for theatrical release in Tamil and Telugu states. As the first part was a huge success across the globe and considering the film is carrying a sequel aspect, there are high anticipations from Avatar 2 to create havoc at the box office.


Now, according to the reports, Avatar: The Way Of Water has been banned in Kerala. The decision has been taken by FEUOK (Film Exhibitors United Organization of Kerala) as distributors were demanding a share of 60% of the total net income of the theatrical business in the first week of the release. This is too much as exhibitors usually give 50% of the share. However, for Avatar 2, they offered 55% of the share but distributors were stubborn at about 60%.

The conflict between distributors and the exhibitors

Around 400 theatres controlled by FEUOK have barred Avatar: The Way Of Water. Nevertheless, movie lovers are still hopeful that the matter would ultimately get solved as it’s a bad situation for both the distributors and the exhibitors. If both parties come to a mutual agreement, it will benefit them as the film is high on buzz.

“It is not officially being banned here. But, we cannot accept their terms and conditions. They are demanding unusual pay from single-screen theatres in Kerala. That we cannot accept. We are not going to ban any films. But, we are not going to release Avatar 2 in Kerala. We are expecting negotiations from their side,” said K Vijayakumar, the president of FEUOK, told Indian Express.


Avatar: The Ways of Water is the sequel to the 2009 movie Avatar. The movie is scheduled to release on December 17. The movie will hit the screens in six languages in India; English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.