SS Rajamouli and James Cameron to make a ‘Hollywood film’ together

Hollywood filmmaker James Cameron met SS Rajamouli at Critics Choice Awards and discussed RRR in detail. The Avatar helmer even invited the RRR director to work in a Hollywood film together.

A Hollywood film on the card

Filmmaker SS Rajamouli met Avatar director James Cameron recently and was surprised to find that the legendary director had watched RRR not once but twice. However, the highlight of the conversation was when Cameron told Rajamouli that if he ever wants to work in Hollywood, they should connect. They met at the Critics Choice Awards, where RRR won two awards.


A small clip of their conversation surfaced online on the official Twitter handle of RRR on Saturday. Cameron said, “That’s right. Now watching all your characters, it’s just like such a feeling to watch them and your set up, fire, water, story. Reveal after the reveal. And then you show what happened in the backstory. It’s like all of them are a homely setup. Why he’s doing what he is doing? And the twists and turns and the friendships and eventually it gets to a point where he can’t kill him when the other reverses. It’s just so powerful. And I loved the fact that you just threw the whole thing, the whole thing, it’s a full show. I loved that!”

An excited Rajamouli

An excited Rajamouli tells Cameron that his words are more important to him than any award and that he cannot believe that Cameron watched the film twice. At this point, Cameron’s wife Suzy Amis chipped in, and said, “So, he’s seen it twice. He watched it the first time all by himself and then he was like, ‘Baby you got to see this,’ and the whole time he was trying to tell that. And I was like, ‘Be quiet!’”

Previously, SS Rajamouli posted a few pictures with James Cameron and he wrote: “The great James Cameron watched RRR… He liked it so much that he recommended to his wife Suzy and watched it again with her. Sir, I still cannot believe you spent a whole 10 minutes with us analyzing our movie. As you said I am on top of the world… Thank you both.”