“Stop Screening Avatar2 In Karnataka”- Fans Angry With Avatar 2 Not Releasing In Kannada

Avatar: The Way of Water did not release a Kannada-dubbed trailer, leaving many fans disappointed and disheartened. Fox Star Studios have planned to release the film Avatar in 4 languages in India.

No Kannada version of Avatar 2

James Cameron’s 3D film Avatar 2, which is touted to be the most expensive movie made on a budget of Rs 12 billion, will release in India in English, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, and Tamil languages. Many Kannadiga fans noted that the official trailer was not released in Kannada and The poster also did not mention a Kannada release.


When the film’s official teaser was released months ago, there was also a Kannada version along with the Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu-dubbed ones. But now, even that teaser seems to have been taken down, as pointed out by some fans on Twitter.

On Thursday, #Avatar2inKannada was trending on Twitter as fans expressed their dislike about the film’s apparent non-release in the language. One fan wrote, “A non Kannada person can get entertained in his/her language in KA state, but Kannadigas have to get entertained in language other than Kannada!! What a joke !! Please dub #Avatar2InKannada! It makes business sense as well as caters to linguistic rights !”

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