Autopsy Report Shows Vikas Dubey’s Gang Cut Head And Toes Of UP Policemen In Maoist-Style

Vikas Dubey (1)

The autopsy report of the bloodiest encounter of 8 eight policemen in Uttar Pradesh has revealed that the cops were beheaded in extreme brutality that resembles the Maoists operating in the state.

The autopsy reports show that the head and toes of Devendra Mishra, the circle officer, were mutilated with an axe while a sub-inspector was fired several bullets at point-blank range. A constable was killed with an AK-47.


As per the investigators and the forensic experts who are involved in the probe, the encounter has been carried out with at least 60 men of Vikas Dubey. The team also said that the manner in which the killing has taken place bears a similarity with the Maoists who operate in the region. Talking to media, the Inspector general of Police Mohit Agarwal said,

“Such a guerrilla-style ambush is unprecedented in Uttar Pradesh. First, a trap was laid by placing a JCB machine on the dirt road and then the gang members sprung a surprise by firing from rooftops. This is the normal strategy adopted by Maoists. A blackout was enforced on the stretch as a part of the tactics.”

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Courtesy: The Financial Express

Investigators Left Shocked

The doctors have taken out seven bullets from the body of sub-inspector Anup Singh and the body of Mahesh Yadav who had injuries to his face, chest, and shoulder. The body of constable Jitendra Pal was torn apart by a barrage of bullets from the AK-47. The investigators have been left shocked by witnessing the pattern of injuries. They also believe that Vikas Dubet had positioned snipers on the rooftops.

At least 8 police officers of Uttar Pradesh Police were killed in an encounter with the criminals in Kanpur on Friday. A superintendent of police was also killed in the incident. The encounter took place in Dikru village which comes under Chaubeypur police station. It took place at midnight on Thursday. Vikas Dubey, the criminal who has over 60 cases against him and the one who killed eight police officers in Kanpur, is also known to have murdered a minister in the Rajnath Singh led government in UP.



Source: The Times of India