The Life Of Dreaded Gangster Vikas Dubey, 62 Criminal Cases In 30 Years Including 5 Murders

Vikas Dubey (5)

Vikas Dubey, the dreaded gangster who was killed in an encounter by the UP police on Friday for killing 8 policemen, has over 60 cases against him that spans for over 3 decades.

In the incident that dates back to 2001, Vikas Dubey barged into a police station and shot at Santosh Shukla who was then a minister in the UP government led by the current defense minister Rajnath Singh. The incident happened in broad daylight. He surrendered after six months but was acquitted in the case after 4 years. Everyone in the case gave statements in favor of Dubey.


Vikas Dubey

In 1999, Dubey was allegedly involved in the killing of one Jhunna Baba in a village and grabbed his land and properties. A year after that, in 2000, Vikas Dubey was accused of Killing Siddeshwar Pandey, the assistant manager at Tarachand Inter College. By 2002, he had gained a reputation for being notorious and had immense pride in it. In 20020, he made an unsuccessful attempt to kill his rival Lallan Bajpai. In the same year, he was also involved in the killing of a cable operator Dinesh Dubey over a dispute of 20,000 rupees.

Almost All Cases In Kanpur

In 2006, he gave an interview to a reporter where he said he had been the Pradhan of Bikru village for 10 years while his brother was elected unopposed as gram pradhan of neighboring village Bheeti. He was later elected as a member of Zilla panchayat.

As of today, Vikas Dubey has 62 criminal cases lodged against him which includes 5 murders and 8 attempts to murders. Except for two cases that are lodged in Saharanpur and Lucknow, all the remaining cases are lodged in Kanpur and Kanpur Dehat districts.


The first case against Dubey was a physical assault in 1990. Two years later, he was booked for murdering a Dalit youth in the jurisdiction of Shivli police station area. In both cases, he was acquitted. In the Santosh Shukla murder, the court acquitted all the accused for lack of evidence. In the murder case of School principal, Dubey was booked for conspiracy along with 4 main accused. While all the main accused were given life imprisonment, 3 are out on bail and one is dead.


Source: The Indian Express