5 Travel-Friendly Attractions Near Moodabidri Of Karnataka You Should Not Miss


Moodabidri comes from two words: Moodu and Bidiru. Moodu means East and Bidiru means bamboo. Moodbidri and its surroundings are known for various historic temples, beaches, and churches. This region has also emerged as a prominent hub of professional education. Several Jain temples (Basadis), some of them dating back to 10th Century A.D are built out of hard granite and with intricately carved pillars and other panels. Indeed, Moodabidri has some wonderful places to watch out for where one can get along with nature and its beauty.

Let us discuss some of the beautiful places to visit near Moodabidri

1. Thousand Pillar Temple

This 15th-century temple has a monolithic column and faces east. The shrine has different types of jewel-encrusted metallic images of Jain Tirthankaras along with carvings in the monolithic column. However, there is a Jain Mutt at the entrance that has palm leaf manuscripts dating back to the 12th and the 13th centuries. The temple also has a 17th-century Chowta Palace within its premises which is famous for the carved wooden pillars and ceilings. Undoubtedly, it constructed using granite stone, this basadi has a 2.5 m tall bronze idol of Lord Chandranatha Swami.


2. Sammilan Shetty’s Butterfly Park

The park is developed on natural greenery and the butterflies are also natural inhabitants of the park. Additionally, it respects the butterfly’s freedom and no dome or enclosure is maintained to keep them trapped within the park. Only suitable conditions which are conducive to different varieties of butterflies are created to attract them to the park.


3. Soans Farm

Soans Farm has developed over the years as a center for innovative agriculture. Traditional agriculture in this area was restricted to the valleys with perennial water supply for crops. Whereas, it includes Areca nut, Coconut, Banana, and Rice. Moreover, an attempt was made in 1926 to bring into useful cultivation hilly areas and non-forested grasslands dependent only on the seasonal monsoon rains for water supply.


4. Sri Somanatheshwara Cave Temple

The most interesting feature of Nellitheertha is a cave temple which is situated to the right of the temple. The cave is about 300 to 400 meters long and one needs to move slowly on one’s knees to reach the inside of the cave. Inside the cave, one can find a beautiful lake and a Shiva Linga. The history of the temple dates back to 1487. Inside the cave, water drops keep dripping down in the shape of gooseberries to form the lake and hence the name Nelli Theertha.


5. Konaje Kallu

Located 8kms from Moodabidri and around 43kms from Mangalore on the Naravi road which can be seen from the Arabian Sea en route from Bombay to Mangalore. During ancient days, Konaje Kallu was commonly known as ‘Ass’s Ears’ by the erstwhile British rulers. The forest area surrounding the place is the home to a variety of wild animals and birds. There is a rock cave in the interior of the forest area, which was used by ancient ascetics. Many pre-historic stone-age structures have also been found here.


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