Bheemana Eri Gudda, A Beautiful Hill Station You Should Not Miss When You Are in Sirsi


Sun plays hide and seek with you behind the clouds by painting the sky with an array of orange, pink and yellow colored landscape designed by God himself. Yes, this is the beauty of the sunset as seen from Bheemana Eri Gudda. A Must Visit Sunset View Point 30 km from Sirsi, Uttara Kannada district.

Unleash the greenery

Vast expanses of untouched greenery, hill after hill as if they are waves. However, you need to walk through a narrow path for around 500 meters to reach the viewpoint. Once you are at the top, you will forget all the troubles you took to find out the place. Hence, you will feel fresh, energized and will admire nature.

It is not just the sunset, the entire view from the top of the hill is so beautiful that it can not be explained in words. It is something to be seen, felt and experienced. Moreover, if one counts, there would be nearly 35 hill slopes which can be seen from the top of the hill.  You will get an awesome view on both sides while walking up in this path.

Bheemana Eri Gudda

Beautifully crafted by curves of enchanting hills

It’s a good place to sit and enjoy the view of ridges all around, including the Aghanashini River flowing down the valley. After traveling for appx. 8-10 km while heading back from Unchalli Falls, the diversion for viewpoint will come towards left. There is a small board mentioning this place but someone may miss. Post diversion an off-road will take you till the top.

Bheemana Eri Gudda

As the sun turns orange and started setting, its reflection in the valley is the sight not to be missed. If you are going to watch the sunset then better to reach the place before 6 PM. If you are late you may miss some glorious views. Watching the sunrise in the early morning is equally thrilling. While visiting Bheemana Gudda it is better to take a local person with you, who knows the direction to the Hills. Otherwise, it is difficult to search the place as the directions are not clear.



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