Attack On JNU Students Is A State-Sponsored Brutality, Alleges Congress

source: twitter

The Congress party on Monday condemned the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) university attacks and blamed the government for not protecting its countries students. The Congress claimed that the assault on JNU students by masked culprits on Sunday was “state-sponsored brutality” and questioned whether this was a “vengeance by the Modi government” against students and youth.

Congress blames BJP government 

The Congress party alleged Home Minister and Delhi police for being a part of this planned assault. They also accused the government of harboring hatred with the youth of the country and said brutality in the JNU campus hinted it of the Nazi rule.

source: twitter

The official twitter account of Congress party shared a picture of PM Modi and HM Amit Shah with a mask, publicizing them as JNU attackers. The image represented 4 questions that they suppose India is asking the government.

  • What is the enmity you have with the students and youth of India?
  • Why are you torturing, suffocating, and subjugating the youth and students of India under your autocratic and despotic rule?
  • Why are you beating up students who are raising their voice against fee hike which parents and students cannot pay?
  • Why are you stifling the voice of students for talking out save the constitution rule?
source: twitter

The Congress party’s official Twitter account wrote, “It is deeply disturbing when a govt attacks its children. Our students are our future & today the BJP is showing India exactly what it wants our future to look like: beaten & subjugated. The govt must answer for the atrocities on students.”

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