Amul’s Twitter Handle Briefly Blocked After Their Post On Boycott Of Chinese Goods

Twitter briefly blocked Amul’s Official Twitter handle, moments after it posted about the boycott of Chinese goods. However, the account was restored later.

The cartoon under the scanner

The cartoon posted featured Amul’s mascot girl with the caption “Enter the Dragon?” while on the bottom right, “Made In India” is written. Regarding the issue, Amul’s managing director RS Sodhi said: “We have asked Twitter why it blocked our account. Amul has not run any campaign against anybody. We are waiting for the reply.


The account had been blocked on the night of June 4th and it was restored back on June 5th, after the issue was taken up by Amul’s officials.

However, as per the view of many, the post by Amul seemed to support Government of India’s Self-Reliant Campaign. Apparently, the cartoon also calls for a boycott of Chinese products after reports of stand-off between the two countries in eastern Ladakh made headlines.

Account blocked for security reasons

However, a spokesperson from Twitter later revealed that the account was blocked due to security reasons and not because of the content that was published. Regarding Twitter’s reply, RS Sodhi said: “Had a call from Shri Manish Maheshwari MD Twitter India ,clarifying the issue that the account was blocked due to technical reasons and not in relation to the content published.


Nonetheless, netizens on twitter had varying opinions on the matter. We have curated a few in the below section:

Source: Scoop Whoop