Amidst ‘Boycott Chinese Products’ Movement, Government Of India Opens Its Official TiKTok Account

Amidst a strong boycott movement of Chinese products happening in the country, the Government of India, led by BJP, has opened its official TikTok account.

Odd Timing

It has just been a few weeks since the ‘TikTok vs Youtube’ argument started on the internet. Adding to this, the Government’s Self-Reliant campaign introduced last month called for maximum usage of Indian products. The border tensions between India and China provided a massive boost to this campaign, thereby leading to a massive #BoycottChina movement across the nation.


Apart from all this, China has also been accused of originating the COVID-19 virus, which has brought the world to a standstill. Considering TikTok is a pure Chinese App, the Government of India’s entry to the platform seems to have been timed oddly.

On the hindside, similar to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, TikTok is host to a massive Indian follower-base, a fact that could have prompted the GOI to open an account and reach more people through the platform.

GOI’s Official TikTok Account

The Government of India’s Official TikTok Account has started posting content on the platform. Most of the videos till now are about yoga and awareness on Coronavirus. The account has already accumulated 6.4 million likes. Here is the link to Government of India’s official TikTok account:


However, GOI’s official entry to TikTok has surprised many and has not gone down well with a few. Here are a few tweets in this regard:

Source: Scoop Whoop