Sonam Wangchuk Is Happy To See Amul’s Initiative To His Appeal To Boycott Chinese Products

sonam wangchuk

We all know that China’s invention, coronavirus, has hit India terribly and now it’s giving some more tensions at the Indian borders as well. Keeping all this is mind, Ladakh-based innovator and educationist, Sonam Wangchuk, had appealed to Indians to boycott Chinese products through a strong video message.

Interestingly, the viewers impressed him by following his words and gave him a big reason of contentment. Reacting to the news stories about Amul account suspension, Google Play Store removal of anti-China apps and a Global Times report on Indian consumers, Wangchuck said, ” This is a good news, our medicine is hitting the right spots.”


“The people’s call for boycott of Chinese products, uninstallation of Chinese apps is forcing China to coerce Google and Twitter to take down the anti-China narrative,” Wangchuk said in a brief Youtube video uploaded Monday.

“The only takeaway from the recent China-related controversies are that people’s call for action is having a far reaching impact, please continue on this path,” said the man who inspired Aamir Khan’s character in Bollywood blockbuster 3 idiots.

Wangchuk also pointed out a report of China’s state-run publication, Global Times titled, “Indians can hardly resist buying Chinese quality goods: analysts,” adding that the boycott call is impacting China, otherwise Global Times would not have commented on this.

Wangchuk’s call of “give up all Chinese software in a week, all Chinese hardware in a year,” has resonated with millions of Indians in the face of Chinese aggression in the Eastern Ladakh reason.