Adarsh Eshwarappa Flips Through The Memory Pages With A Reminiscent Photograph


Noted Kannada filmmaker Adarsh Eshwarappa recently posted a photograph that has triggered a recount of his struggling days. Followed by, the Shuddhi director has shared an interesting throwback story with Metrosaga. Here you go! 

Here is more about the picture

The picture dates back to a couple of years ago when Adarsh had concluded filming for a low-budget indie called ‘BE Mech’. This movie happened prior to the director’s highly-acclaimed film ‘Shuddhi’, which released in 2017.

Rishab Shetty and Rakshit Shetty are seen in the picture along with Ajay Raj (actor), Sai Kiran (music composer) and Adarsh Eshwarappa. 

At that time, Rakshit was involved in the pre-production of ‘Ulidavaru Kandathe’ and was on the lookout for a DOP. After having viewed the trailer of ‘BE Mech’, the Kirik Party-Hero visited to check out Karm Chawla’s work. ‘BE Mech’ was Karm Chawla’s debut as a DOP.

Rakshit then chose Karm Chawla for ‘Ulidavaru Kandanthe’, and most recently, Karm even worked as the DOP for ‘Avane Srimannarayan’ who is now prepping up for his directorial debut.


A Film In This Combo?

Well, for the starters, these gentlemen look flawless for a unit that can offer a comprehensive entertainer to Sandalwood. While Rakshit & Rishab’s acting prowess is well-known, Karm Chawla is a fine DOP, and Adarsh is a terrific filmmaker. Hope Sandalwood producers are making note of this.