Actor Siddharth’s sexist comments on Saina Nehwal on Navika Kumar: Twitter reacts

Against the backdrop of the PM Security breach incident that took place in Punjab, many voiced their opinion. Ace Badminton player Saina Nehwal and journalist Navika Kumar were among them. In response to their work and tweet, Tamil actor Siddharth has written crass sexist comments that have made people cringe and voice out their stance against the same.

Actor Siddharth wrote this,
Subtle cock champion of the world… Thank God we have protectors of India.
Shame on you #Rihanna


For Navika Kumar, he writes,
This woman is a Stoolkit. She will raise a stink for sure.

These two tweets have caused severe outrage among the people. Actors, celebrities among others have raised their voices against these misogynistic remarks of Siddharth.
Here are different ways of how people on Twitter have reacted to these tweets.

With these tweets, it is clear that the people and netizens have not taken it lightly and are outraged by the comments.
Actor Siddharth has not issued any apology rather has tried to clear his stance on this by pointing out that he did not mean to be sexist.