Actor Siddharth apologies to Saina Nehwal for his ‘crass’ tweets

Tamil Actor Siddharth landed himself in a soup when his tweets against Badminton player Saina Nehwal were called out as ‘sexist’ and ‘misogynistic’.

Saina Nehwal had advocated her stance against the Security Breach incident of PM Modi that took place in Punjab but Siddharth called it out in this manner.


Post this started a series of attacks on Twitter against him by netizens ranging from other actors and celebrities, so much so the National Commission of Women came into the picture and called for an FIR to be filed against him and even to block his tweet.

Saina and her husband did not keep silent and said that he had to choose his words wisely and their family was upset about this incident. Her Father sought an apology from the actor for the same.

Actor Siddharth on Wednesday has written an apology to Saina with a tweet. In this, he writes and accepts that his joke was rude and was wrong. He goes on to say that even if they have disagreements, he should not have said those things to her.


He writes that he did not intend to her hurt feelings and he is a staunch feminist in this regard and none of the things in the tweet implied a gender bias. He requests her to put this incident behind. He ends the note by saying that she will always be his champion.

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