Actor Darshan’s ‘Epic Reply’ after the ‘Slipper incident’ is now winning internet

Darshan recently had to face the wrath of alleged Punneth Rajkumar fans as one of them attacked the Kranti actor with a slipper. This incident happened while the challenging star was busy promoting for Kranti at Hosapete. After the incident, the actor came up with a calm reply which is now winning interest.

Hosapete incident

The Kannada superstar, who has been busy with one-one-interviews for the publicity of his upcoming film Kranti, was in Hosapete promoting his upcoming Pan India film Kranti.


While addressing the crowd Darshan Thoogudeepa was attacked with a slipper by alleged Punneth fans. Soon there was huge chaos and shouting on the spot.

Reacting immediately after the incident, D-Boss came up with an epic and calmer response. He says in Kannada, “Tappenu illa chinna parvagilla (It’s ok dear, nothing was wrong)”

Netizens react

His reaction is now winning the Internet. Here’s what Twitter is saying: