A Salon Based in Bengaluru Is Offering Abhinandan Mustache And His Style Of Haircut For Free


Abhinandan, an IAF Wing Commander, came back to India, after two days from Pakistan when his MiG-21 crashed in there and he was held captive. Every Indian prayed for his safe return but after the end of the nerve-racking story over his return, Netizens have got a chance to think over his unique mustache.


  • Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan Varthaman’s stylised mustache – a classic gunslinger or a Franz Josef — has become the talk of the town and is already trending among people.
  • Abhinandan’s well-groomed hairstyle and mustache is the next big thing for men who got inspired from cricketers like Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan and Bollywood star Ranveer Singh recently.
  • Nanesh Advanced Hair and Beauty Studio of Koramangala in Banglore is now offering Varthaman’s stylised mustache and hair cut for free to its customers.
  • Until now 100’s of customers have availed this amazing opportunity.  

abhinandan mustache

The mustache is pride for Army and Air Force personnel

For generations, Army and Air Force personnel have been particular about flaunting their well-groomed mustache and it is part of their lifestyle. The mustache is like an expression of their character and they wear it with pride and it is seen as an essential part of masculinity. From royalty to soldiers to dacoits everyone in India loves to show off their mustache.

Quick Gun Murugan, the fictional South Indian cowboy on television ads and a film, and the Nathulal of “Sharaabi” are the characters known for their mustaches. In recent Indian history of dacoits Man Singh, Mohar Singh and Madho Singh, and off course Veerappan are known for their mustache. The honor of longest mustache in the world and a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records is with Jaipur-based man Ram Singh Chauhan from Rajasthan.

abhinandan mustache

Abhinandan’s mustache is classic

Abhinandan’s mustache is shaped somewhat like the handlebars of a bicycle but from now onwards it will be remembered as ‘Abhinandan mustache’ only.  A gunslinger mustache is typically considered a cool and classic style that never goes out of vogue. Abhinandan has added the ‘heroism’ quotient to this classic style because of his valor and bravery. It reflects his strong physical and mental health and it would make any man want to follow his style, even women are in love with it, after all, it’s a style of a gentleman.

abhinandan mustache

Get Abhinandan’s mustache and hair cut for free

Abhinandan is emerging as a style icon for youths and they are eager to sport a gunslinger mustache like the famous Air Force pilot.  And this is a reason salon in Banglore is doing its bit to hail wing commander Varthaman’s heroism. Yes, Nanesh Advanced Hair and Beauty Studio of Koramangala in Banglore is offering a free haircut and shave to anyone who sports the gunslinger mustache. Overnight Abhinandan has become a cult figure and his mustache is motivating youth and instilling patriotism in them. Even on  Mahashivratri people started coming to the studio from 6 am to avail this offer told Studio owner Nanesh.

This salon is situated at Ganapathi Temple Rd, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru. 

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