Vivek Oberoi to Produce A Film On Balakot Air Strike And Twitter Is Roasting The Actor

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Vivek Oberoi will be back with another biopic and this time it will be a film on the Balakot airstrike. Appreciate it or laugh it out loud, Mr. Oberoi will be producing the movie based on IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. Titled as Balakot, the cast of the movie is yet to be finalized.

Vivek Oberoi’s upcoming movie

Vivek Oberoi was earlier seen in a movie titled Narendra Modi (a biopic on Indian Prime Minister). However, the film did not do any wonders in the box office but the 43-year-old looks confident for his next film. The film titled Balakot is expected to hit the screens by 2020.


source: businesstoday

“As a proud Indian, a patriot, and a member of the film organization, I must highlight what our Armed Forces are truly capable of. This film is a great tool to underline the achievements of brave officers like Wing Commander Abhinandan, who went behind the enemy lines and did what makes every Indian proud of them,” said Vivek.

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