AAP Condemns House Arrest Of Arvind Kejriwal, Says BJP Not Just Guilty But Scared Of Delhi CM

High drama was witnessed outside Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence on Tuesday after his deputy Manish Sisodia went there and accused the Delhi Police of putting the former under house arrest. Police denied Kejriwal was under any kind of restraint.

The face-off at the residence of Kejriwal started after the Delhi Police on Tuesday denied the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)’s claims that Kejriwal has been put under house arrest.


Sisodia accused the Delhi Police of putting the AAP leader under house arrest as Kejriwal denied them the permission to convert nine stadiums in Delhi into temporary jails to lodged farmers in case they were arrested.

Earlier in the day, AAP tweeted: “Delhi Police has put Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal under house arrest after he visited farmers at Singhu border yesterday.”

Later, the AAP took out a press release supporting the Bharat Bandh call against the farm laws and slammed the BJP for being “not just guilty but scared of Kejriwal”, reiterating the claim that the chief minister of the union had been placed under house arrest.


The AAP statement read: “Our leader Arvind Kejriwal, is not just Modi-Shah’s opponent but an elected Chief Minister of India’s National Capital Territory of Delhi. It is shocking, to see the Delhi Police place him under house arrest at the directives of the BJP. This exposes the BJP’s guilt in passing these wicked and anti-farmer laws. It may be recalled that the Delhi Govt denied the Home Ministry permission to convert stadiums into jails and incarcerate them, which the AAP Govt denied. BJP is scared of popular support for Arvind Kejriwal, among farmers and has taken the ‘Emergency’ like draconian step of placing him under house arrest, beating up our MLAs and facilitating access to BJP leaders. We condemn this in the harshest terms possible and call it a national disgrace.”

AAP workers protested the alleged house-arrest of the Delhi chief minister.

Source: Free Press Journal