A Man Dressed Up As Astronaut Walks By Potholes In Bengaluru. Video Goes Viral

source: facebook

Bengaluru has an ache of traffic crisis. Every now and then we face traffic chaos at some point in the city. Improper road and potholes in the city roads just make the driving more stressful. Tunganagar Main Road in Bengaluru is also one such place that carries the same narrative. The immense potholes in the area have discouraged the commuters in the local areas. However, the locals were surprised to see an event that took place on the road which gave a clear message about the government’s ignorance in the city.

Message delivered from an Art

An artist named Baadal Nanjundaswamy, who is known for raising his voice against inadequate infrastructure and weak organizations through his art and creativity, has now come up with a new idea to mock BBMP.


source: mint

The potholes in the area gave Baadal an idea which is being loved by all in social media. The artist is dressed up as an astronaut and is seen walking beside the craters (a bowl-shaped depression). The whole video made everyone surprised as people believed this could be Man’s second mission to the moon or mars. However, the doubts were all cleared when auto and a car passed by the astronaut. The streets and the portholes matched the lunar surface which made everyone believe it was somewhere outer space. This video has gone viral on social media and people are appreciating his work.

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