7 Incredible Secrets of India Which are Still a Mystery Unresolved

secrets of india

India, a land of hope, a land of traditions, a nation that made Gautama, a Buddha, a place where Gandhi was shot dead has lot of unresolved mysteries in it’s womb from centuries. They are unwritten but certainly spoken and discussed. With conclusion in dark, it is hard to decide if they are true or only stories cooked to feed the mouth of an unknown. Whichever the case, India is mysterious and remains to be one, making one’s imagination touch the unexplored possibilities. Today, let us know a few secrets of India which are just incredible.

Floating stones of Rameswaram

We have studied in our primary school that if any thing that is less dense than the water then it floats else it sinks. For instance a cork floats in water while a stone sinks. As a contradiction to this Archimedes theory, we see floating stones in Rameswaram. Though there is a science of pumice stone and other theories about floating stones, the mystery still remains unresolved because the kind of stones we see in Rameswaram is not there in form of air bubbles to float. It is a hard rock whose density is more than that of water.


secrets of India

Anonymous years of Jesus in India

Unknown years of Jesus or Silent years refers to the time between Jesus’s childhood and the beginning of his ministry which is mystic as there is no reference of it in the New Testament. There are conspiranices and theories stating that Jesus spent a part of his life in Kashmir learning and experiencing the rooted spirituality of India. The new Testament marks the age 12-30 of Jesus’s life as a black hole meaning having no evidence of he being where. If he lived in India, then the question arises about the origin of Christianity. This one secret when unravels will shake the beliefs of millions.

Having this BBC documentary about the same is astonishing.

Jwala Ji Temple in Kangra

Kangra in Lower himalayas has a mysterious temple of Hindu Goddess who resides here as an eternal flame since times. The surprising fact is that the flame burns flawless and in blue colour since the day it was lighted. Till date, science has not found a reason behind this and Kangra today is well-known in India because of the temple of Jwala Ji.


secrets of India

Haunting and Unrevealed secrets of Kuldhara

Kuldhara, a village in the state of Rajasthan has a story that revolves around few myths that are yet to be unravelled. For over 5 centuries, it was a home to more than 1,500 people and the civilization practiced there was of highest order. Everything was rich with flora and fauna but for some unknown reason, people left the village over night without leaving the imprints of their existence. Their disappearance is connected to a tale of two lovers contempeted by an angry father and to the speculation of villagers having a different opinion on their rulers.

Irrespective of the reasons, one thing stands firm. When they left, they cursed the village so no one else could live there. Today, if you visit kuldhara, you just see the broken homes and an incredible silence. People have tried to build homes in the area but it was an invitation to their death. Night at Kuldhara is weird and paranormal with thousands of people being exposed to an experience that is mystic and occult.

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Clouded story of Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world has few secrets camouflaged in the backdoor of history. According to the book, ‘The true story of Taj Mahal’, the fort was orginially a Shiva temple built during Rajput rule at Agra. Later when shah jahan wins a battle against Rajputs, he conquers the temple and names it as MumTaj Mahal.


However no official consent has given to this by any Government bodies but the mystery gets stronger to see few rooms closed in the fort from the time of shah jahan and according to researchers, these room contain proof that the tomb was a temple of Shiva. There is a wait and time has an answer to everything barring the conspiracy of Taj Mahal being a matter of debate.

secrets of India

Death of Lal Bahadur Shastry

Indian politics is again a nest of secrets and mysteries with the death of Shastriji being more discussed and debated. Officially it is recorded as a natural heart attack happened when Shastriji was on Russia tour but when the body was brought back to his residence, it turned blue. There were few voices raised that it was not a normal death but suprisingly no post moterm was done and no case was filed.

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Makara Jyothi Tales

Every year on the eve of Sankranthi, the devotees of Lord Ayyappa goes to shabrai male to witness the light sparkling in the sky. Belief is that it is a sign from a heavenly body but also there are conspirancies that it is man made or a natural happening. However, it is still a secret and a strong belief in the hearts of millions.


secrets of India

Exploring India in deep will unfold so many other mysteries. These might be true or just an imagination however we don’t promote its authenticity. This listicle is based on the things said, rumored and discussed.

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