5 Scuba Diving spots in India to try this Summer

One of the most amusing water sports of all time is Scuba diving which gives people an opportunity to explore the life of species under water. You must visit the listed below scuba diving spots in India to experience fun and thrill.


Goa is the best place to start diving and is well known for its turquoise water. To experience the marine life as a starter, the Grande Island and Sao Jorge Island have various sites to offer. There are proper sand bays and the water is calm which will make a great experience for the divers.



Karwar is situated just two hours from South Goa on an Island resort known as Devbagh in the north of Karnataka. The Diver just needs to reach to Devbagh from Karwar in a boat. Activities like scuba and snorkeling are all done under the supervision of instructors.



This diving spot is one of the top listed destinations for scuba in India. This island is the only licensed diving school in India which helps the amateurs to get into a formal training and become certified scuba divers. The best thing is that all the required equipment for scuba diving is available at the spot. People are mostly attracted because of the underwater life which includes a magnificent collection of sea animals, sea corals, sea fans, hydroids, jellyfish, and a lot more which pleases the swimmer to a great extent.

Scuba Diving spots in India


Another name for Andaman is a paradise for scuba divers. Andaman has too many diving possibilities as the area is huge and the sites are amazing to explore. Havelock is the main spot for scuba diving where there are a number of divers, all diving equipment are easily available and the instructors are present for guidance and training.



Pondicherry is well known for its peaceful environment and living style. Basically, it’s a home for some best scuba diving spots in India that flaunts its striking corals, beautiful fishes like tiger fish, lion fish, eagle, starfish, sea snakes and many more animals under water.

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