10 Things to avoid while preparing your resume for job interviews

Things to avoid while preparing resume

To get the perfect job one must know how to write the perfect resume by avoiding some common pitfalls. Here we have covered major mistakes to avoid while preparing your resume for job interviews.

Grammatical errors


The grammar in the resume needs to be perfect and free from any kind of typing errors. Silly errors can make the employer read between the lines and draw negative conclusions like “person is careless”.

Be specific

The employer wants to know and understand what has been done by you and what’s your overall work experience which should be presented in an attractive way. Just saying that “I have worked in a restaurant with other employees“ won’t help instead, presenting it as “I have trained and supervised more than 15 people in a restaurant with around $1 million sales annually” will make it very impactful.


How and Why

The employees should make sure that their resume clearly shows, that why they should get this position in the organisation and how they are better when compared to other employees.

Emphasise on duties instead of accomplishments


It’s a smart move to showcase your past duties on the resume instead of accomplishments because the employers don’t really care as to what you have accomplished; instead, they would like to know what all duties you can perform.

Cut it short

A five-page resume will not impress the employer. Make sure that the maximum length of the resume is just two pages and should only consist of essential points.



Writing down a vague objective will be considered as a negative factor by the employer. Instead, be more specific, focus on the need of the organisation and they form an objective.

Say No to action verbs

Phrases like “responsible for“ are a complete No, instead try using “I resolved questions related to IT and helped around 4000 students“.


Don’t leave out essential information

Do not eliminate the small part time jobs done by you to gain extra money. The employer would like to review the skills like work ethics, and time management you gained by these jobs.

Visually attractive

The resume should not be too attractive or hard on the eyes. Decorating it by using five different types of font won’t help; instead, keep it simple and crisp.

Contact details


Be careful of the contact information you put on the resume because you might get selected and the employer is not able to contact you because of the incorrect details. Double check everything before submitting it.

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