Offbeat Career Paths for People with Law Degrees

Law has been around even before democracy existed. It is the set of rules one has to live by for the greater good of society. The guidance to get justice is through law. It has always been the case that law degrees are taken up by individuals who want to serve the society or the country and help the people get proper justice. Law is seen as a virtuous field. The person who is responsible for following and practicing law is a lawyer. Many people across the world thrive to be lawyers as the careers in that area are very promising.

Even with all the popularity and lavish jobs that are available in traditional law, it has become increasingly clear that the occupation of lawyers has changed, or evolved with the rise in technology. Especially with the advent of the internet and the rise in digital devices being used, cyber law has become a trending topic. There are other non-conventional career paths in law such as arbitrators, bankers, HR director, etc. With a law degree, one can go for almost any of the jobs concerning legalities and humanities. Many law grads around the world are opting for these new and exciting career options.


A career in law is tricky. In one end, we have the lawyers who practice independently or operate on a small scale with not so great income and on the other hand, we have lawyers who work for large corporations with exuberant pay and lavish lifestyle. Skill isn’t the only thing that matters to have a good career in law as social aspects are crucial in the field. Many lawyers also freelance or act as consultants. But, there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to a law career and this can be even traumatic for a lot of people. But, choosing an off-beat, unconventional career in law might actually be a very intelligent choice as there is a lot of demand for law professionals in a lot of fields but most aren’t aware of them.

One such field is cyberlaw. Law is mainly comprised of two parts: Criminal law and Civil law. But, with growth in technology and usage of the internet around the world, many legal issues relating to the “cyber” world have come up. Many countries around the world have created laws regarding the usage of digital devices and online presence. Some legal issues such as censorship have also been taken care of. This is only because almost everyone in the world now has an online persona and a lot of activities such as fraud, embezzlement can happen online. This is not good and hence, cyber laws have been formed.

Cybersecurity is a field that deals with the protection of digital devices and information from people who want to steal data. A career in cybersecurity has been sought after in recent times due to the increasing number of cases of data leakage being reported online. Cybersecurity specialists are well versed in the field of information protection and tracking. This ensures that information is secured and in case of any hack, they can even track down the person to infiltrate the device. Cyber forensics is also a very interesting field which is used to decode digital traces of anyone. Cyber forensics plays a very important role in enforcing cyber laws and catching cyber criminals.


Cyberlaw is very trendy in law circles around the globe. Especially in India, cyber law provides some huge opportunities. Many companies and even governments are in need of cyber lawyers who are qualified enough to practice cyberlaw. Cyberlaw is a very good career choice for someone with a law degree as it surely has a lot of scope and opportunities. Any law grad can take a course in cyber forensics and can be on their way to become a cyber lawyer. This career option is surely very unconventional and provides a lot of opportunities. Other career options such as Human Resources director, Investment banker, Negotiator, Arbitrator, etc. are also unconventional for law graduates. As the law is a far-reaching field, such career options actually have a lot of promise and one must always take risks to choose an unconventional career option as they do have a lot of opportunities and can serve any law graduate well in the future.