How Education helps in Career Growth


Education is indeed a strong word. It has an in-depth meaning which when realized and if realized, can create wonders in ones’ life. When talking as an Indian youth, the Indian education system is probably our favorite topic of discussion but today what makes me write is the understanding of the real meaning and value of education and also the fact how opportunities have increased with the advent of technology and philanthropy.

We have a pre-notion idea that education is restricted to a few. Well! I disagree. We often feel that education can happen in a classroom environment and it’s only a learned person with rich experience who can “educate” us. No, my friend that’s not the case. Education is a never-ending affair which needs just passion and diligence. These are the only raw materials to gain and share knowledge. It’s your knowledge that makes you educated.

We also think education means a standard practice of going to school, colleges and higher studies, etc. Again I disagree. Whenever you try to know something you don’t, be it from any genre of life that is when you get educated. It’s then when you are educating yourself on a continuous basis. As I said education is a no end path. It’s you who decide that where you decide to settle.


Education is a plethora of options. Fixing a path is very important. That’s very crucial in one’s life. I still remember the story of my friend Rayan. He was on the verge of completing his +2. He was a small town boy with a zeal to explore the technological world. He won many hackathon and tech competition. He missed his all India’s joint and was very disappointed. He also took his Maharashtra Joint exam just for the heck of it. That actually changed his destiny. He lacked the real insights of the colleges. So what he did was that he opened his net and did an exhaustive research. I still recall his high involvement while searching for top btech colleges in Mumbai. He sailed through the phase and made it to a prominent college in Mumbai. You See! Told you it’s all about passion and diligence.

Education in India is of top priority. The trend is such that you find a farmer’s son becoming a national level joint topper, a bus conductor’s son becoming IAS Officer, an auto driver’s daughter becoming manager of a big MNC. In India education is an investment, not a liability. So why such instances are more in a country like India where it’s on a developing phase? Well, the answer is it’s the passion, hunger, and mindset of the children and their parents. That’s exactly why we say India is a “developing” country my friend and not just the sheer GDP growth which says “India is a developing country”.

It’s our education and exposure about the varying aspects of life, society and world that builds us as a distinct individual. Understanding the potential and importance of education is vital at this juncture. Realising the fact that with the advent of Internet and technologies, it’s not at all difficult to educate ourselves and that too when it’s free. How we perceive and how we act or react that’s what label us as proactive and reactive. Education is free and we should capitalize on that rather than cribbing.


There are many philanthropic minds and organization who work day and night to elevate the education status in India. The much non-profit organization is trying to work closely with the central and state government to pull up the education standard. For example, people like Azim Premji and organization like getmyuni are having a philanthropic vision to contribute to the welfare of the youth and ameliorate the education means and standards of the country.



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