10 English words you won’t believe are of Indian origin

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The English language has assimilated words from different cultures of the world. Some of the English words are of Indian origin, Urdu, or Sanskrit. Let’s see some of the interesting English words which are of Indian origin.

10 English words which are of Indian origin


The word avatar means a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth. This Sanskrit word was first used in English in the 18th century. “People say that the 7th avatar is yet to occur which will be in the form of a white winged horse.”



The bangle is an ornament which is worn around the wrist. Even this word appeared in 18 century. “I love that gold bangle, it’s really pretty.”


A big cat which has long legs and is known as the fastest animal on earth is Cheetah. This animal has black spots all over, that is why it derives from the name “CITA “. “ A cheetah runs as fast as 80 miles per hour “

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The word bungalow means a one-storied house. This word is derived from “bangla” which is a Hindi word. “The west of the park is lined with beautiful bungalows embowered in trees.


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Cot means a portable bed or a bed which has high sides and is meant for the kids. “Billy was put in a cot so that she could not step out.”


The word entered in the 19th century which is derived from the word “Chutni”. Chutney means a concentrated picked condiment which is made of fruit, spices, and sugar.
“Chicken topped with chutney, is just a delicious meal.“


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The jungle is an area of land overgrown with dense forest and tangled vegetation. “The jungle book is a splendid and refreshing book to read.”


The word pyjama entered English in the 19th century which is derived from the word “payjamah”,“pay” means leg and “jamah” means clothing. So it means a set of lose fitted, comfortable sleeping clothes. “The pajamas you gifted me last week are really comfortable and cute.”


The shampoo is a liquid soap which is used for washing the hair. It’s derived from the Hindi word “champo” which means to squeeze or massage. “The smooth and shine shampoo from L’Oreal is suitable for my hair.”



The word yoga is originated from the word “yoking”. Yoga refers to a Hindu system which is associated with achieving reunion with the divine. Yoga involves meditation, adopting of various postures in the form of exercise. “Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise “

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