10 Slang Words of Delhi that are totally Jhakkas

slang words of delhi

The capital city of India, Delhi is a high-spirited and lively place. Most of the Delhiites are outspoken, they are too loud and are also quite funny. While conversing with each other they have their own kind of lingo and words. Let’s see some of the most famous slang words of Delhi on today’s read.

Slang words of Delhi


This word means to wait or to stop and is used when one person is asking the other person to wait until they are busy with something else. “ Oh, khadd ja bha, aise bhi kya jaldi hai.“


Basically, the word Scene in Delhi is used for two things. Firstly when there is a fight between two people and secondly when you want to ask for the plan. “Bhai, scene ho gaya kal raat ho” and “kya scene hai yar aaj ka, kaha chalna hai. ”


The word “cheapde” means un-classy or informal. It’s used when the other person is continuously talking nonsense. For example,“tu hamesha cheapde baatein karta hai yaar.“

slang words of delhi

Banda or Bandi

The word Banda is another word for boyfriend and, the word Bandi is used for a girlfriend in the same way. “Bhai, muje apni bandi se milne jana hai “

slang in delhi


The word Chape is used when a person is trying to talk to you all the time but you want to keep away from him/her. “ Bhai us aadmi se door rehna, ek number ka chape hai “

delhi slang


When you are not able to get something done and there is no option but try using a jack that’s called a Jugaad in Delhi. “Bhai admission nahi ho raha hai, koi jugaad hai kya.”

Dimag ka dahi

This phrase “Dimag ka Dahi “is used when a person irritates you to a great extent and you use this phrase to stop him. “Yaar, dimag ka dahi mat kar. Chal jaa yaha se. “

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Tota means a hot, good looking and attractive girl. Along, with Tota people also use “Maal, Bomb “ which means the same thing. “Dekh bhai tota, Kya maal hai yaar”

Dish patlani - slang words of delhi


In Delhi, to describe a person who is at a high or superior position (in a very informal way) the word tope is used. For example “ arey wo banda tope hai bhai, door rehna usse “


Chul is addressed to the kind of feeling when you want something desperately and cannot wait any longer. “Bhai sutta marne chal , chul mach rahi hai “

Slang Words of Delhi

So, this was the story of Delhi. I hope you can certainly use these when you are in Delhi. Please comment if you know any slang words of Delhi. Hum ko bhi kuch sikhao 🙂

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