1.7 Cr. PPE’s And 49K Ventilators Ordered By The Centre: Union Health Ministry

In a move that could bring relief to many across the country, the Central Government has placed an order for 1.7 Crore Personal Protective Equipments (PPE’s) and 49000 Ventilators to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak. The news was announced by the Union Health Ministry in an official briefing today.

20 domestic manufactures identified for the supply

20 domestic manufacturers have been identified at this stage to produce the equipment. The supply of PPE’s has already begun. PPE’s include boots, coverall, N-95 masks, headgear, gloves, and related gear.

Joint Secretary in the Health Ministry, Luv Agarwal revealed that the guidelines for the manufacture of the equipment have already been laid down. He said:

We have issued rationalization guidelines for PPEs before as well. Everyone should strictly follow them.” 

He added that while in the low-risk environment, gloves and masks are sufficient, for the moderate-risk situation, N-95mask and gloves will have to be used by the doctors and other medical professionals.

Courtesy: India Today

Other updates by the Health Ministry

The Health Ministry gave a few more updates regarding the status of COVID-19 in the country.

Luv Agarwal announced:

473 people recovered and discharged from the hospital so far. Total 5734 confirmed cases reported in the country till date, 549 new cases in the last 24 hours. 166 deaths have been reported to date, 17 deaths since yesterday.

It was also reported that around 80000 isolation beds have been made ready in across 5000 railway coaches in the country. A total of 2500 doctors from the Railways have been deployed at these facilities.