Who Is Dr. ‘Bomb’ Jalees Ansari? How Did He Go Missing? Here Are The Details

A 68-year-old accused of the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, Dr. Jalees Ansari, was missing on Thursday morning while being on parole. The old man was serving a life term imprisonment in Ajmer Central Prison, Rajasthan. Also known as Dr. Bomb, he has been accused of planning and executing over 50 bomb blasts across the country since the early 90s.

The 90’s terrorist goes missing

He was on parole for 21 days from the Ajmer Central Prison, Rajasthan, and was supposed to surrender before prison officials on Friday. However, on Thursday, Ansari’s family members in Mominpada approached the Agripada police station in Mumbai and said that he had gone missing.


According to the complaint, Jalees Ansari woke up in the early hours at 5 am and told family members he is going to offer namaz, but surprisingly he did not return home. After several hours his phone was found to be switched off.

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The Crime Branch of the Mumbai Police and the Maharashtra ATS have started a massive search operation to track him. The police control room along with the CCTV control room of Mumbai police had been alerted to look for Ansari.

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What is Parole?

Parole is described as a temporary or permanent release of a prisoner before the trial of his sentence on the promise of good behavior. The grant of Parole in India is governed by the rules made under the Prison Act, 1894 and Prisoner Act, 1900. Every state in India has its own parole rules with some minor interchanges from each other.


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Certain classifications of prisoners are not suitable for being released on parole. Prisoners involved in crimes against the State, or threats to national security, terrorism, non-citizens of India, etc. Meanwhile, Somebody convicted of murder and rape of children or multiple murders, etc. are excused but at the option of the granting authority.

What was his role in blasts? 

Jalees Ansari has been sentenced in the Jaipur serial blasts, Ajmer blasts, and Malegaon blast case. He was was one of the terrorists who had undergone terror training in Pakistan in the early 90s.

A medical doctor by profession, he was influenced by another terrorist know as Abdul Karim Tunda. The plot created by Ansari was responsible for carrying out several serial blasts across the country to avenge the demolition of Babri Masjid. Various blasts of his draft had been carried out in Hyderabad, Malegaon, Ajmer, Pune, Rajdhani Express and various other places across the country.


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Ansari, a resident of Mominpura in Mumbai’s Agripada, is an MBBS doctor who was convicted for his role in several blasts across the country and sentenced to life in the 1993 Rajasthan bomb blasts case. Asrai has been in jail since 1994 when he was first arrested bt the Central Bureau of Investigation for his alleged role in planting a bomb in the Rajdhani express.

Why is he called Doctor Bomb?

He is called as ‘Doctor Bomb’ because he was allegedly connected with terror outfits like SIMI and Indian Mujahidin and taught terror groups how to make bombs. He is alleged to have played a role in over 50 blasts across India and has been serving life in a Jail in Ajmer after being convicted of carrying out blasts in trains on December 5 and 5, 1993 at six locations in Rajasthan.

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