22 Random Thoughts We All Get When Stuck In Traffic Or Driving on The Busy Roads

when stuck in traffic

Bengaluru traffic is a legendary space which transcends you to a different level of patience. One of the funny traffic quotes “Now, I can compete with Buddha, you know!” The traffic here is so impartial that it will not spare anyone, no matter what. It has become so inevitable that Bengalurians have got used to it and maybe, they may go mad without getting stuck in the traffic. Here are some random thoughts we all get when stuck in traffic.

#1 How many people ya! Who are these people? Where do they come from?


#2 Why everyone is coming to my area today?

#3 This BMTC! Just Stops wherever it wants. Move Move!


#4 Arey the Signal is Green! Why no one is moving? Not even an inch! 

#5 Bro, it is a Jam! Why do you honk? (You never say it openly. Only a thought)

#6 I would not have come to this route today.

#7 There is a space right beside the car. Why is she not moving?

#8 The signal was Green man. Why does this happen? For Red, it is 90 Sec and for Green only 15 sec ah?

#9 Why people go alone in Car? All jam is because of these devil cars.

#10 See how he drives. Who the hell grants DL for these guys?

#11 Pakka, I ‘m going to be late today.

#12 Is there any alternate route?

#13 People should use Metro man. From tomorrow, I will also take a metro.


#14 How about work from home tomorrow! Or Sick leave?

#15 Guru, why people are not moving? Damn!

#16 What am I doing in Life Bro!

#17 No, I will never drive again.

#18 I should really think about moving away from the city.

#19 Why there is no timer on this bloody signal?

#20 Indicator is to suck or what! Why don’t they put indicator ya!


#21 I wish I was a Bird

#22 Do I reach home today? Anh?


Hehe, these thoughts will keep on rolling? We hope you have very much related to this post. If yes then please share and comment about it. Let us know what runs on your mind when stuck in traffic.


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