“We’ll capture Kashmir and then invade India for Ghazwa-e-Hind”; Top 5 controversial statements by Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar is considered as one of the legendary fast bowlers of all time, besides his talent he is an hothead always indulged in many controversies and is known for his on-field angry tussles.Looking at some his past statements to the public media had broke out hatred from all parts of the world

Here we look at his top 5 controversial statements:

1) Akhtar Claims That Sachin Was Afraid Of Him

Akhtar launched his autobiography back in 2011 named “Controversially Yours’ ‘ and made a statement which enraged Indian cricket fans. Akhtar claimed that Sachin was afraid to face him even on a dead pitch in Faisalabad back in 2006. Moreover, Akhtar refused to apologize for his statement and claimed that his words were presented in a strange way by the media.


2) BCCI Saved Harbhajan During The Monkeygate Controversy.

Akhtar had always been topping the list to defame the BCCI and lashing out controversial statements against the Indian cricket.Talking about the Monkeygate controversy which shocked the cricketing world, Akhtar claimed that the BCCI saved the ace off-spinner by using its influence. “At times someone calls another person a monkey but gets saved,” Akhtar had said during an interview with national television.

Harbhajan Singh(left),Shoaib Akhtar(right)

3)’We’ll capture Kashmir and then invade India from all sides for Ghazwa-e-Hind’

Apart from cricket, Akhar actively participated in debates and openly puts up politically sensitive statements in front of the media; fo which many times had to face the heat of many people across the globe.Akhtar, in an interview claimed that it is mentioned in the scriptures that Ghazwa-e-Hind will take place and the river in Attock will be colored red in blood twice. Akhtar also said that after Ghazwa-e-Hind, India will have no boundaries.

4)Virat Kohli Has Stolen Pakistan’s Attitude

Akhtar once claimed that Virat Kohli has stolen Pakistan’s attitude. In a YouTube Video, Akhtar claimed, “Like we used to have fun in the team and like we won in India in the 90s, Kohli is now doing the same. Today, India has transformed into Pakistan and Pakistan has turned into India.”


5)’Every Team Is Involved In Ball Tampering’

Many times Shoaib Akhtar was suspended by the ICC over ball tampering charges. He was caught red handed and much to everyone’s surprise, Akhtar claimed that he did tamper the ball and added that it was something which was done regularly by almost every International team.