Here’s How Wajid Khan & Team Is Taking ‘Save The Birds Save The World’ Initiative Forward In A Creative Way

waji khan save birds

Artist Wajid Khan and the team has taken a creative approach for taking their “Save The Birds, Save The World” initiative forward. Every year hundreds of birds lose life due to lack of proper food and nutrition and even due to eating chemically infused products or by getting entangled with wires.

The decreasing bird population is a big concern but how many of us really do something to save birds which indirectly is also affecting our entire ecosystem?


Birds Made From Spoons As Reminder To How Toxic Chemicals Are Taking Lives

The team of Wajid Khan, an artist by profession has been running a campaign for saving birds for almost five years. But this year they decided to to do something creative to catch more attention and get a better response. While talking to MetroSaga Wajid Khan said,

“Birds die because of harmful fertilizers and lack of food. That is why we have used waste spoons to make these birds. We do not aim to earn money through this campaign, all we want is to generate awareness in order to save the birds.”

Until now Wajid has made all the investment himself but wants to spread the campaign further and is seeking sponsor, volunteers to take the initiative further.

wajid khan save birds

Motive To Place 2000 Birds Made From Spoon Across India

To spread the awareness for the campaign further, artist Wajid Khan has made birds with spoons, forks and other materials to throw light on the massive use of chemicals that are indirectly ingested by the birds and insects killing them in the end. These birds are being installed in different parts of Indore to create awareness about “Save Birds Campaign.”


The team intends to place around 2000 such birds across India. The price for the big bird is Rs.700 and of the small bird is Rs.400.    

Wajid Khan says, “We want to make it big and take this initiative globally. I request you all to share this message as much as you can so that maximum people from around the globe could join us.”

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"Save The Birds, Save The World" The decreasing "Bird Population" is a global concern. We all show this concern; but never take any initiative to deal with this alarming situation. Here, is a chance to do your bit, to save the birds, and help saving the eco-system of the world. I'm pleased to inform you that we have trained many folks to make these birds from spoons. FYI, we didn't take a single penny to train, educate and guide those volunteers who joined us in this noble cause. So far, we have installed more than 200 such birds across the Indore region and planning to install another 2000. However, we want to make it big and take this initiative 'globally'. I request you all to share this message as much as you can; so that maximum people from around the globe could join us. If you are interested to join us then pls contact @sakshiii_09 for more details. We have made these birds with spoons to throw some light on the massive use of chemicals in the fields which are inadvertently spoon fed to the insects and birds that kills them. I'm thankful to @zubairalitabish bhai for the heart wrenching slogans and thoughts. Sincere thanks to @budh_wak and @picsnpixels001 for capturing beautiful pictures and videos and thanks to all the volunteers for their support. Join us to create awareness to save birds and the planet. . . #art #artist #artsy #arte #artistsoninstagram #wajid #wajidkhan #wajidkhanartist #indianartist #savebirds #savebirds? #savebirdscampaign2019 #spoonart #metalart #metaartistry #birds? #saveourbirds #indore #jointhecampaign #artistsofinstagram #instaartoftheday #instaphotos #instamovement #spreadawareness #savelife #birdpopulation #savetheplanet? #savebirdsaveworld #savebirdsaveworld #savebird

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wajid khan save birds

How To Contribute?

Anyone interested in the cause can contribute in the following 3 ways:


  1. By making birds
  2. By placing birds and spreading this campaign
  3. Both

As a part of the campaign, the team is also planning to place water tanks below these birds. Those who are not from Indore can help Wajid Khan and the team to place these birds at different public places. The TEAM WAJID ART will send these birds to anyone interested.

Contact: +91 98062 42626, MOHMD. JAVED