‘Parsis Are The Real Minority’, Kangana Supports Wajid Khan’s Wife Against Conversion


Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has commented on the recent controversy surrounding late Wajid Khan’s wife’s accusation of the musician’s family forcing her to convert to Islam.

In a lengthy post on the social media platform, Kamalrukh spoke about the harassment she has been facing from her in-laws. It has only been five months since her husband Wajid Khan passed away. While she is yet to come to terms with it, she has opened up about her struggle of an inter-caste marriage.


Commenting on the issue, Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut said,

“Parsis are the genuine minority in this nation, they did not come as invaders. They came as seekers and gently requested mother India’s love. Their small population has hugely contributed to the beauty-growth and economy of this nation.”

In a Twitter thread, she condemned the acts of the musician’s family and also appealed to the Prime Minister to take action. She wrote,

“She is my friend’s widow a Parsi woman who is now being harassed by her family for conversion. I want to ask @PMOIndia minority that doesn’t do sympathy seeking drama, beheadings, riots, and conversions, how are we protecting them? Parsis are shockingly decreasing numbers.”


Kamalrukh Khan’s Accusation

In a social media post, Kamalrukh Khan wrote,


“My simply Parsi upbringing was very democratic in its value system. Independence of thought was encouraged and healthy debates were the norm. Education on all levels was encouraged. However, post marriage, this same independence, education, and democratic value system was the biggest problem for my husband’s family. An educated, thinking, independent woman with opinions was just not acceptable. And resisting the pressures of conversion was sacrilege. My dignity and self-respect did not permit me to bend backward for him and his family, by converting to Islam. The conversion was not a value system I believed in personally. It was also not the example of a deep set rotten patriarchy that I wanted to set for my beautifully evolved children. Being an outcast from my husband’s family, scare tactics to make me convert included taking me to court seeking a divorce. I was devastated, felt betrayed, and was emotionally drained, but my children and I held on.”