This Is A Magical Waterfall You Should Definitely Explore While You Are in Sirsi

vibhuti falls

Sirsi is a hill station in the Malnad region of Uttara Kannada which was also known as Kalyanapattana. This town is surrounded by thick green forest & some mind-blowing waterfalls. One among the waterfalls is the Vibhuti Falls which is totally a mesmerizing one for a tourist visitor for some real trekking adventure. Let’s look at what exactly Vibhuti Falls has got to offer to any visitor who comes by.

A Magical Waterfall

Standing tall amidst the gurgling sound of water falling in layers and the lush greenery alongside, the waterfall is simply magical. You would only reach the falls after walking about 1-1.5 km from the entrance. Like most waterfalls, you see the falls only once you reach the endpoint. The first half of the travel path is well-paved while the second half is not very comfy.

vibhuti falls

After a trek of quite a distance and when you finally reach the destination, you have this wonderful sight of the fresh, thick, white, ferociously falling water surrounded by verdurous greenery all around which is incredibly beautiful and refreshing. And of course, what would enthrall you the most would be the heavy roaring sound of water falling in layers effortlessly.

vibhuti falls

A Multi-stage Waterfall

Vibhuthi falls is a 60-70 feet multi-stage waterfall which is a fulltime entertainment to all age groups with possibly the young men playing and swimming in the pool and the old just taking in the absolute peace and calmness its got in-store.To sum up, anybody at Vibhuti falls would be a testimony to a journey of Euphoria!.

vibhuti falls

Vibhuthi Falls & Yana Caves

Looking at the history of Vibhuti falls, it has definitely got to do something with the Yana Caves – which Sirsi is basically popular for and which is not very far from the falls. Yana which is known for the self-formed, huge, unusual karst rock formation had the water emerging naturally from the rocks which is nothing but the sacred Vibhuti(ash). It came down as water flowing down rigorously in multiple layers to these prelusive waterfalls and hence the name Vibhuti falls is what the localities have got to say.

Vibhuthi falls linked with the Yana Caves has definitely ushered the region with purity and sanctity. This beautiful Vibhuti fall is located 8kms from Yana. Also, it’s known as Magbi falls because of a small village by the same name located nearby.

A Lesser-Known Place

Though Vibhuti falls is an extraordinary one, but because of it, being geographically hidden in the western ghats, it has become the not so over-crowded popular tourist destinations. I think, sometimes, exemplary places like these being not very populous is simply an added advantage as you get to spend some real worthy time. So at Vibhuti Waterfalls, be it giving time to yourself or for some pleasureful family time it is a perfect, thrilling venture.

Vibhuti falls is a multi-tiered waterfall, where you can explore the waterfall at different stages which only keeps you getting more and more excited and adventurous as you keep trekking higher. But traveling greater for which you would have to climb the rocks, to reach the falls, is not very advisable because they could get slippery as the waterfall is in full force.

The best part of the falls is the pure crystal clear clean water and also the matter of joy is that Vibhuti Falls is along the banks of Gangavali River which is again a lovely visual. Falling from a height of around 30 ft, its all surrounded by bamboo groves, evergreen forests, and wildflowers. Certainly heaven on earth, for the nature lovers!

Vibhuti Falls is undoubtedly at its best during the monsoons. But however, it is not recommended and there may be restrictions to visit during monsoons as well. Best time to visit Vibhuti Falls is at the winter months between October to January. Also, you could now witness a nice welcome arch being built at the entrance recently.

A day at Vibhuti falls will leave you totally disconnected from the busy, hectic, noisy hassle of the city. The place surely calls for a one day trip or a bike ride to the waterfall as the now formed roads are too good for one. And I am sure a dip in the very fresh cold falls would leave you with a mesmerizing experience like never before.

Anybody looking forward to a trek blast with an equal blend of natural serenity and adventure, you should be simply heading to the much appealing Vibhuthi Falls at Sirsi.

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